What’s Up with Dee this month?

July 30, 2011

Greetings to my friends and readers! 😀 This post should actually be entitled ‘What’s Been Up with Dee this Past Month’ but what the hey. 😛

I’ve been doing well. For the summer and until now, I’ve allowed other people to shape the CPUN into something else (without my help!) so I could take a break and enjoy my vacation. I did enjoy my vacation and I’m sure that those who took over the website including my good friend, ATM23, had fun with the CPUN community.

I haven’t done much on the CPUN site except fix up some small stuff on the site and re-strengthen the goal of the CPUN. Without my help, it allowed the community to do what they thought was best for the alliance. They did a pretty good job and I’m happy things went well even when I wasn’t around. The website is quite rich with people and posts now and we’re in a middle of a transformation. We’re going back to being an alliance. With the preaching of King Jared and the variety of people we have on the CPUN Staff, we’re creating something pretty good. We aren’t really the best in having things up to date, but that isn’t really our job. I’m sure we’d be 10 times better if we were capable of being as up to date as a news site, but we’re okay the way we are. 😉

Still haven’t removed enough inactive people from the CPUN website. The posts by our old friends are to hard to say farewell too. For some reason, I still feel like they’ll return – yet I know it’d be quite impossible now. 😐

Color Peng had a chance to go on CP today so I took mine. Ahoy with the Piratey Theme. 😆 Saw a bunch of Nachos reporting at the Town.

Chester in 2011

I still have Chester with me! 😀 Yep, I still take care of him. I go on CP and CP Warfare less nowadays and it’s doing well for real life. Then again, I’ve never been active enough in CP Warfare to start longing for a good, real life. 😉 And TODAY I bought Red, the new addition to my family. 🙂

My new puffle, Red!

Welcome to the Mr Deedledoo Residence Red! 😀 He’ll surely add a good amount of warmth to my igloo.


“Strengthening the Rights of Penguins in the CPUN”

Taken from the CPUN website.

July 26, 2011

Mr Deedledoo

Mr Deedledoo

Greetings my friends and buddies! It’s Mr Deedledoo here, CPUN Founder and Head. :) Thank you all for tuning in to the CPUN website during the past weeks. I hope you’ve enjoyed the activities and the news presentations our hard-working staff thought up of for all of you. We do believe that good fellowship is what we need most in the harsh world of Club Penguin Warfare where at times, we may feel alone and hopeless. Not to worry, we are here for the same reason you are here; for good company and reliable people in a world where there are so few.

I’d like to recap the rights of the people on our community here just so that they are not forgotten. This alliance was created by penguins who had little say in the CP Army World and wanted a place to be able to share their thoughts on the Major Armies (and their ways) and on CP Warfare. The founders had respect for each other and for anyone else who joined the alliance because they all came from simple lives, unlike the arrogant dictators seen in the Major Army scene at the time. They all needed a home where their opinions were welcomed and were not laughed at. A home where their small ideas were made into bigger ones.

4. Rights of  Nations in the CPUN:

  • Nations can make their own decisions
  • Nations can participate in CPUN practice wars
  • Nations can send a representative to the GA to vote on
  • decisions, judges, and non-permanent SC members.
  • Nations can appeal to the CPUN Supreme Court in the case of international law being broken, or when they need allies in a case of war

5. Declaration of Player Rights (Rights every Player has)

  • The right for penguins to have a secure time on Club Penguin.
  • The right of economic freedom (playing games, running restaurants, etc.)
  • The right of freedom of speech
  • The right to have fun
  • No Penguin can be judged by looks, clothes, army or name
  • The right to ask for help on anything else they need (recruits, help in war, help in other activities)

Taken from the CPUN’s Community page.

I’d like to add a few more personal rights for the visitors of this site:

  • All ideas are to be welcomed
  • The CPUN does not side with the people and ideas of higher power just because it is so.
  • The CPUN is an alliance where all are equal.
  • The CPUN does not tolerate a person claiming superior power over another.

Considerations are made for friends and respectable icons as always – but one thing I hate is when people start criticizing a ‘smaller’ person’s idea just because a Major Army leader gives a seemingly better idea. We do not underestimate the intelligence of any of our members and friends just because he is of less experience. Instead, we strive to help educate them and help them understand.

I also plead our new staff members to understand this because an alliance where everyone is free is what the CPUN has always been. ;) We want to give our members the comfort, the good fellowship, and the respect they (and everyone else) deserves. However, continue the superb job and reviving this website. :mrgreen: Oh and if you think something is too important to change, please don’t be afraid to tell me about it first. :P

This is Dee wishing you all goodluck in the coming week. Continue to practice free rights for all!


Always move forward. Going straight will get you nowhere.

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Thanks Railfanone – “MR Deedledoo Fanart”

April 21, 2011

This post was original taken from the CP Blackhawk’s site lead by a good friend of mine, Railfanone. We didn’t get to know each other for that long, but thank you thank you thank you! 😀


Dee & Me

I Did a picture on GIMP Of MR Deedledoo And Me.  Here it is

I’ll treasure this picture. Thank you so much. I hope you’re still around. You disappeared, but I hope you drop by one day so you can see my gratitude. Thank you. 🙂

I’ve been in all sorts of pictures and I’m happy to see that people know what I wear. XD I’ve also been a feature in Sambabeat’s cut out pictures where I have sunglasses and a bandana. It’s great to have such good friends on here. 😀



January 6, 2011

Well guys, it’s the year 2011. I never thought I’d still be here. I remember joining CP armies back in October, 2007.

Why am I still here? Do I need a life?

I guess I’m still here because of the neat environment of this ‘CP Army World‘. 😆 Yup. Pretty neat. I do live on the other side of the world, thus making it hard to be as active as the normal low-ranking soldier in a major army. I’ve reached the point of Legend by doing as much as I could for the CP Army World despite my.. disadvantages. I am only a Major General in the Army of Club Penguin and I think that’ll be the rank I’ll be revolving around for as long as I’m here. I won’t be ranking up any higher, nor any lower. Why?

I think of it this way –

  • If I leave Club Penguin armies, I’d do better in my studies. I’m currently in the smartest class and part of the top 10 fools up there, but I’m just there. If I was 6th or 8th, I’d just stay there. No. I will stay there unless I leave Club Penguin.
  • If I leave my studying life, I’d do better in Club Penguin. There are probably many people like this in the CP army world and retire quite faster. They feel they need to go back to their real lives. But yup, if I leave my real life, I’d surely boost up in my ranking in these virtual armies.

I compare my life right now to neutral buoyancy in the water. When you’re deep down there, you’re nor rising to the surface nor falling to the seabed – you’re just floating in between. That’s where I am now. I can do better in both lives but would have to leave one of them.

But the advantage of my current state is that I’m not failing in either. I’m doing great in both lives. Not too well-known in CP armies, but also having the capabilities of becoming a better man in real life – that’s me. Sadly, I’d have to choose one day. The expectations of my elders in real life is more important than the expectations of my leaders here.

2010 was dark for me. I wonder about this year? 🙂


Always move forward. Going straight will get you nowhere.

Happy Holidays Winter 2010!

December 6, 2010

Howdy everyone! 😀 It’s finally the month of sharing. The end of the year. I just wanted to say..


.. to you all. :mrgreen:

If ever you guys need me, I work at the Club Penguin United Nations site mostly. See you there! Leave a comment here anytime if you want to personally reach me. 🙂

Happy Holidays from Dee!

Enjoy your holidays everyone! 😀


CPUN Head, ACP Legend, CPA Central Legend

Always move forward, going straight will get you nowhere..

CPA Central: “What makes an Army Function?”

September 3, 2010

Howdy everyone! Dee here. About a day ago, it was my mom’s birthday! 😀 May she have many more years to come! 🙂

Well, here’s a post I got from CPA Central. I do not own it. It was written by Oberst543 and I’d like to share it here on my blog. These are the types of tips I’d really love to give to CPUN Members one day, especially for the smaller armies! 😀

What Makes An Army Function?

Posted on September 3, 2010 by Øbëŗšŧ543

Hey everyone, this is Oberst543. I am a Former RPF Leader and Former Nacho 3rd in Command, and I have recently been added to the CPAC Authors, and I will do my best to make posts that people will understand. Unfortunantly, this is not a War Post, but rather a guide for people who are new to making their own Army and how to get it functioning. Here are some tips to making your army organized.

1. Make sure you host your Army Website with WordPress or Freewebs. They are easy to use, and will help you when keeping up-to-date with your Army.

2. Make sure that you claim a Server/s that doesn’t belong to another Major Army, if you need help with this, just go look at the Top 10 Major Army websites and they should list what Servers they own. If they own the Server/s that you wish to claim, talk to the Army’s Leader/s and see if you can get a Land Grant on one of the Servers. That way you have a base to recruit on, which will help in keeping your Army in order.

3. Make sure you have an organized list of Ranks, you will want to have plenty of Ranks for people to get promoted on. Cause it is better for a new recruit to go up 10 Member ranks, for each promo day they will move up one and gain experience from events. Also, make sure you space out your Promo days. You don’t want one every week, unless you have tons of ranks. Most Major Armies have Promo Days about once a month.

4. Make sure that you schedule events (i.e Recruiting Sessions, Practice Battles, Patrols etc.) This way you will have your troops grouping together for these events, and when you recruit, you get new Recruits who will increase your size, and your army. And you will have a very good view on how many Active soldiers you have. Try your best to make the events for either U.S Timezones or for European Timezones, some armies have a European Division and they schedule events for their own time. Also, make you clarify to your soldiers that they are to listen to the HIGHEST Ranking person who is leading the event. That way, they will know what to do and follow his/her orders.

5. Make sure you don’t have TOO many owner ranks, usually you will need about 7 owner ranks in Total. They should be as active as possible, and that way each Owner Rank can do one day of work a week. So that way the whole week is covered for Promotions/Adding people to the ranks.

6. Make sure you have the most BASIC Pages for an army, these will help new Recruits see how the website works. The basic pages that I recommend for a new army are to have Join page, Rank page, Chat page (preferably using a xat.com chat), a Ranks page, a Nations page (How your army works, like if in Owner elections, if people get to vote it would be shown in the Nations page) a Servers Page (which will list what servers you own) and any other Pages that your Recruits can look at for more information.

7. Make sure you have rules for your chat, that way if people break these rules you can have a set condition for what offense they commited. This way, your army will not turn into dis-array. It is also important that the Leader is on xat as much as possible, so if new Recruits have questions they can be answered.

8. On your Pages/Posts, please do your best to use the best Grammar you can. When you use correct grammar, it makes your army look much more intelligent. And it shows that you are acting more professional then other armies that tend to talk with not much regards to using correct Grammar. So basically, good grammar = More impressive looking army.

These are just some tips for anyone interested in creating a new Army. These are just my opinions, you can do whatever you want with your Army, but these are helpful tips for keeping it in good shape. I am on xat alot, so if you have any questions about your Army, just add me. Once again, I am quite sorry this is not a War Post, but I will do my best to start with those ASAP.



P.S. Have a great month everyone! 😀 I’m always at the CPUN site BTW.

Elite Penguin Force Test Guide!

May 29, 2010

Hey guys, it’s Dee here! I’m going to copy the post I made in the CPUN site to make this fast. 😉 Goodluck!

Hey guys, it’s Dee and Color Peng here. :D :)

Well, it’s Dee on this part. I’ll be making a review on how to pass the EPF test! It’s actually pretty cool. It’s been a while since I’ve looked around Club Penguin’s latest features. They added a lot more things to Club Penguin. They actually have penguins interacting with walls or cages. Previously, you’d be able to go through walls and furniture. Well, now there are some things that are solid, touchable, and see-able by everyone. ;)

Well, as you can see in the picture above – I’ve finished the test! I rock! :D See the tips below!

You may or may have not noticed that the Sports Shop has turned into a building called the Everyday Phoning Facility. Once you enter that building, you’ll be in the room pictured above. There are other ways to get to it like opening your mailbox and clicking go there on the EPF invitation that should be in your mail. Check out your Spy Phone too, it directs you to the Facility.

Hit the Target

So here’s what you need to do first. When you get into the room for the first time, you won’t see any welcome sign like the previous picture. Instead, you’ll see some giant, random phone ringing in the middle of the room. After clicking on the phone, a screen will appear and a target on the top right side of it. Hit the target and you’ve just activated the mission. This already tests your aim. :D

Next, you’re going to be told to stand on the green square on the bottom right side of your screen. You’ll be caged into that and you won’t be able to get out. The following task will test your speed. The screen will then tell you to run to the red square as fast as you can. Well, each penguin in the Club Penguin world has exactly the same speed and we can prove this with a proper race and an exact click of the button by each player in a race but what the hey. When the screen says go and the front of the cage is dropped, click the red square. My brother, Color Peng, had a faster time than me though. As you can see in the picture – I’m pretty good at this. :D

After this, you’ll be told to hide from the cameras. This will test your stealth. The screen will tell you to move away from the red square and will ask you ‘How well can you hide?‘. Color Peng finished this before me by the way. I followed him and stood behind the left pillar at the back and faced front. In the end, camera two didn’t see me.. but camera one did. So maybe, you’ve thought of a genius plan just now and you’re congratulating yourself for thinking of it:

Well, if this was your plan – I guess you’ve already failed. :D Apparently, being invisible doesn’t hide you from EPF Cameras. Well, I’m thankful for that. We don’t want any intruders or people like Herbert to come into our base now do we?

I re-did the test after finishing it for the first time and tried a different plan. As the screen counts from twenty seconds and the screen tells the cameras to shut down, throw a snowball at the second camera and hide behind one of the two front pillars until you can’t see your penguin. If you still see your penguin, make sure you’re hiding behind the right pillars. The back pillars make you visible to the first camera. The test goes on to the next task if you are not able to hide. You’ll notice that the first camera is you. ;)

The next task is to move into the blue square. This will test your problem solving. I don’t know if this is the right method. It doesn’t look like the right way but I was goofing around. The test continues to the next task if you do this.What you really have to do is go into the cage and find a way out. I won’t tell you how to get out though. Let’s see how good you really are in problem solving. If you’ve found a way to get out of the cage – comment here. ;)

After finishing the problem solving task, the screen will see if you have passed or not. If you were able to pass or not thanks to this guide, please comment below! :D

The next pillar will open and reveal a purple square. Now don’t get all excited to see the purple stuff because I was just kidding. :)

Here’s Color Peng on the last few notes:

Okay, it’s Color Peng here. I’m sure some of you have heard of the latest news in Club Penguin..

The HQ is destroyed!

As you might have heard, the PSA Headquarters was destroyed by a certain Herbert P. Bear. He destroyed it with popcorn. The Sports Shop was also destroyed in the process. The Sports Shop was replaced by “The Everyday Phoning Facility“, but it’s really the Headquarters of the EPF- which has now taken over PSA business. :) Here’s how it looks like from the outside:

The Everyday Phoning Facility

I’m going to miss the Sports Shop. But the Sports catalog has been moved to the pitch, so no worries.

You also receive a new Spy Phone!

The New Spy Phone!

It seems less convenient than the Spy Phone and when you teleport you have to wait a few seconds. Anyways, there are still a few upcoming updates so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open and be sure to check out the latest news on the Club Penguin site or even here!

That’s all from us today. Hopefully, someone will be able to make a post about the new mission! :D

Until then,

-Dee and Col. P.

Project Freelancer and Project Recovery

Project Freelancer was something me and my friends thought up of in our spare time, back when we were kids.  Back then we thought of someone… someone’s… that would be the best of the best.  This applys to CP warfare.  Super Soldiers.  49 Super Soldiers.  Then one Super Leader.  Each powerful soldiers.  Each possessing one strength.  Like Logic, Warth, Creativy, ect.  But all of these Super’s need to be sent somewhere.  So how about we set them up as Freelancers.   A Freelance is someone who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them, or a mercenary.  They would go out and aid whatever army for something in return.  Then we decided to make Super Super Soldiers, like the best of the best.

Even the best of the best get into tight spots.  So we decided to make a new Project.  Project Recovery.  There main mission was to help Freelancers in trouble.  To get a quick recation time we would need a 24 hour Chatroom (people there, if not from one country from many, all the time) so Freelancers could radio in and say there in trouble.  There would be different ranks of trouble 10-0 (10 being not that bad, 0 meaning dead) and 1 would mean that it would be very bad.  So then there would be differntly trained Recovery units.  Recovery 1-10 (1 handleing Level 1 threats, ect.).  They would sercure the Freelancer and being him/her back to home base (Project Freelancer website) for debreifing.

It needs working on but its my newest idea and I hope you like it.

This is all under my main topic- Reconstruction

Meaning the Reconstruction fot he CP warefare.

Going back into the army business?

April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool’s everyone! 😀 Apparently, it’s Seanehawk’s 13th Birthday. XD

Well, yep, you read it. I might be going back into the army business. Atm seems to be making a new army. I think we can help him and give them a big boost. Speed, would you like to join me again? XD Two years of no fighting! This will be good. Sam, I’ll recommend you for a reporter in case we ever make an army. I’ll add you on the CPUN now so you can report but the earliest time you can report this week is probably Saturday. Thanks for accepting! 😀

Well, the CPUN’s kind of closing down soon. It all depends. Hopefully you can all attend the special meeting we’ll be having in the CPUN chat this Sunday. We’ll be talking about what’s to become of the CPUN and probably, ending it. 😦

See you all there! 😉


Stuffs ‘n’ Stuffs

Sam Edit: An editor in the CPUN? Seriously?! ^_^ That was totally unexpected! Thanks Dee!  =D

Dee edit: Hey guys! Hey Molly. Thanks Molly and Speed for posting news all the time. Sam, I’ll make you an editor in the CPUN page to post updates in Club Penguin! I’d also like to have your pictures of penguin cut-outs (like the one when you’re picking me up from the hood XD ) discovered. Soon enough, people will be requesting some pictures from you! The move was good. I’m finally back on. 😀 Thanks a bunch!

Hey guys. Sam checkin’ in here.

First off, has anyone noticed, apart from Yarr, that the other puffles are missing. Ok, the yellow puffle is kinda missing and the pet shop puffles are still there, but the green puffle from Night Club is missing. Whats happening? Guess we’ll have to wait. 😀

I’ve been working on a new signature for myself. Completley hand drawn as always, I’ve nearly finished it. Thing is, I suck at backgrounds sooo yeah ^^;

Apart from that, I’ve been good. How bout you guys? How are you getting on with the big move Dee and Col P? Things good?

Any by the way, I got 1,000 hits on my DA page. First big milestone! =D

New Sig! =D